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Aviation Detailing Specialist - Seattle, WA
WingPex Services
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  • ​carpet cleaning & extraction 
  • cockpit cleaning 
  • fabric cleaning & protection
  • leather cleaning & conditioning
  • instrument panel cleaning 
  • spot treatment 
  • entry door cleaning
  • dry-wash 
  • belly and landing gear decreased 
  • de-ice boot prep & sealant
  • hand wax & polish 
  • machine buff 
  • brightwork / leading edge polishing
  • paint restoration 

  • carpet instillation & repair
  • leather & fabric upholstery 
  • wood surface repair 
  • monthly maintenance programs
  • quick-turn cleaning
  • ​"trip ready" preparation
WingPex is built around our full commitment to preserve the appearance of your aircraft through high quality service methods and fast reliable customer service. Providing a worry-free and professional detailing solution is our priority. With full compliance for safety, environmental impact and Boeing cleaning standards we are equipped with the right knowledge and experience to serve the aviation community. 
Thoroughly clean and wax the entire exterior of the aircraft using environmentally friendly methods approved by the FAA. 
Belly & Landing Gear Degreased:

No harsh chemicals or degreaser applications on the underbelly of the aircraft. 

De-ice Boot Prep & Sealant:
Strip and reseal boots to restore to original shine. Minimum of three coats of sealant to extend their lifetime.
Machine Buff & Polish:
For paint that is oxidized or losing its original shine, machine polishing is recommended to restore paint the paints original luster. With time honored methods we protect and bring back the paint to its glossy finish that you expect to see. 
Brightwork / Leading Edges:
Restoring your aircrafts leading edges to its mirror like appearance can only be accomplished though knowledge and experience. We can confidently in restore and improve the longevity of your aircrafts brightwork needs. 
Clean and wipe down all interior surface areas for a professional finish. Cockpit, galley, seats, seat tracks, seat belts, cup holders, clean windows, carpet, metal and wood surfaces, headliners , and everything else in-between. Finishing up with a vacuum treatment your aircraft will look its best. 
Interior Detail: 
Leather Cleaning & Conditioning:
Carefully removing oils and dirt form all leather surfaces to bring out the natural color and beauty of the seats. Conditioning the leather is the final step to improve the longevity and preserve the leather for the length of its life.  
Carpet Extraction: 
Carpets can’t be over looked when a clean interior is necessary. Depending on the amount of traffic and use for the aircraft, carpet extractions will restore the carpet to a clean and dirt free condition.  
When it comes time for the old interior carpet to go or simply need repair, we can help. With years of experience in the aerospace division our carpet installation is in complete compliance with FAA codes and regulations. We are the ones to turn to for your carpet replacement or carpet repair.
Carpet Installation and Repair:

Leather & Fabric Upholstery: 
Weather the seats are fabric or leather there will be a point when it can no longer be cleaned or repaired. There is nothing like a newly upholstered interior done by a professional. Quality aircraft upholstery work done where you’re location. 
Wood Surface Repair:

With over 7 years of wood refinishing we are equipped to replace or repair wood surfaces inside your aircraft to a showroom finish. 
Trip Ready: 
Wipe down leading edges, high carbon areas and cockpit windows for the exterior. Vacuuming of the carpet and cleaning high use areas for the interior.  
Customary Detailing:
Here at Wingpex we are able to supply our clients with tailored services depending on their specific needs. There are many reasons to have your aircraft serviced on a regular detailing program. Depending on those variables we can develop a detailing regiment to fit your exact request.  
WingPex ® Seattle, WA
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